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What are the key elements of managing change?

A clear and transparent process to achieve the required business benefits/goals is essential to proactively manage change and this has many benefits which include:

•Analysing current practice against the external market place

•Gaining buy in from key stakeholders

•Ensuring that effective leadership is clearly providing the vision and the rationale for change

•Assessing the impact of change on one area/department/site on another part of the organisation

•Understanding stakeholder concerns and anticipating conflicts

•Understanding the appropriate medium of communication to reach various groups

•Helping people cope with change, performance management and motivation

•Identifying and addressing resistance to change

•Effective project management to prevent slippages in timings, in achievement of desired outcomes, in ensuring that the projects do deliver as planned

•Identifying organisational risk in relation to employment legislation

•Identifying areas that require attention with immediate effect

•Creating an action plan for survivors of change

The results of change can remain with an organisation long after the nominal implementation date. The management of successful change can provide a powerful legacy for board, senior managers, staff and trade unions who can use it to move the business forward.

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ADS Consultants are an HR Consultancy specialising in human resources strategy, management and development.

Welcome to ADS Consultants

We work with organisations, both large and small, that need extra HR support either on-going or on a project basis. This includes provision of interim HR professionals.

Some organisations use ADS Consultants as their virtual human resource HR department. That includes coaching, training and development as well as HR strategy.

Our main approaches are:

To discuss with and identify the clients short, medium and long term workforce needs to acheive business targets.

To develop the clients needs into a cohearent project or strategy to acheive their aims and objectives

To complete the delivery of the client's aims and objectives




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