The ADS Consultants (UK) Ltd small Business Package consists of Human Resources Management services, all for just £95 (+ VAT) per month retainer. This is a small price to pay for comprehensive HR outsourcing, including 24 hour employer law advice. The benefits are immense, but any small business owner will appreciate the free time and peace of mind that comes from handing over all your human resources responsibilities.

Three steps to protection of your business

•Firstly, we tackle the pressure and uncertainty of any small business owner’s life – the paperwork. Our HR Policies will provide you with bespoke contracts and easy-to-complete forms, personalised for your business. Keeping on top of the paperwork is crucial to any good employment policy, and is in fact the backbone of HR management. We will also review your current procedures, to see where time and effort can be saved. This is supported by HR Professionals who can attend the client’s premises to assist Line Managers

•Secondly, for any pertinent question about your business or HR Strategies no matter how trivial it may seem, employment law advice is available 24 hours a day to ADS Consultants (UK) Ltd clients, big and small. Discuss best practice and find out how we can help you with managing holidays, sick pay, working hours, taking on new employees and more. The advice team is experienced in all aspects of HR, so you know your business is in safe hands, and contacting them is included in the cost of the small business package.

Invest in HRM outsourcing with the ADS Consultants (UK) Ltd Small Business Package, and enjoy the advice and support of one of the UK’s leading providers of employment law services.

•Finally, if the worst comes to the worst, ADS Consultants (UK) Ltd clients will have a specialist preparing your case and representing you at tribunal on a competitive day rate. The risk of a tribunal may be slight, especially when you have only have a few employees; however, the limited resources of a small business mean it could be financially devastating. We like to think our small business clients are prepared for every eventuality.

HRM Outsourcing for Small Businesses

ADS Consultants are an HR Consultancy specialising in human resources strategy, management and development.

Welcome to ADS Consultants

We work with organisations, both large and small, that need extra HR support either on-going or on a project basis. This includes provision of interim HR professionals.

Some organisations use ADS Consultants as their virtual human resource HR department. That includes coaching, training and development as well as HR strategy.

Our main approaches are:

To discuss with and identify the clients short, medium and long term workforce needs to acheive business targets.

To develop the clients needs into a cohearent project or strategy to acheive their aims and objectives

To complete the delivery of the client's aims and objectives




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